Breathe With Ease came about after Alison Waring overcame an allergic asthma attack within three minutes, using a breathing method she developed from the Buteyko Method, which she now calls the Dynamic Breath Release.

Alison was so inspired by this experience that she wanted to share it with you. If you are one of the 5.5 million people in the UK alone suffering with breathing challenges then it is her hope to empower you with the resources to be able to rediscover your health naturally.

The Breathe With Ease book and online courses are based on over 20 years of personal research, experience and professional practice, to help you breathe with ease naturally.

The practical Dynamic Breath Release exercises and the Breathe with Ease Method equip you to manage your body, emotions, nutrition, mind and breathing. Applying these natural tools will not only prevent breathing challenges, but allow you to flourish in all areas of life.