‘Breath with ease’ is also a read with ease. Beautifully written, illustrated and referenced this book is a must for people who are looking at using the power of breathing to aid recovery, restore health and maximise quality of life.

Written from a personal perspective Alison manages to share her personal journey back to health which will resonate with many people.

The book covers many aspects of health and disease and each chapter is complemented with excellent practical exercises, concepts and programmes to restore health.

Numerous ideas are touched upon throughout the book giving the reader the opportunity to expand on these further on a dedicated website.

The uniqueness of this book is that it manages to deliver in a very user friendly way, the latest ideas from the west and the east to benefit many people with immediate effect. Alison, thank you for delivering such a great book.

Ami Sevi MAppSci.(Ost.Paed.)DO(Hons.), MBAcC, POD

Director of goodhealthcentre.co.uk, goodhealthcentre.co.uk

Alison has once again out-lined for us how we can, by simple natural methods, address, and even reverse conditions and occurrences in our health, which are commonly considered irreversible, and by so doing save ourselves from the harmful effects that can, and do occur from medical intervention and the use of drugs and surgery.
Dr John L Fielder,DO,DC,ND(Adel)

Osteopath and Lifestyle Consultant, www.johnfielder.com.au

A wonderfully practical and instructive guide offering simple, safe and effective methods for transforming unhealthy breathing patterns. While a useful resource for managing asthma, and other respiratory health conditions it is, in its entirety, of great use to anyone wishing to reduce long-term stress and anxiety.

If you want to deepen your understanding of the intimate relationship between underlying emotional tension, your breathing and physical health, this book will be invaluable.

Nicky Thomas

Acupuncturist and Yoga Teacher, www.nickythomasyork.com

When I first heard Alison speak at a BBA study day in 2013, I knew I was listening to someone with a knowledge, clarity and authority that was utterly compelling. This inspiring book is the inevitable result of her ongoing work: a truly holistic book on breathing written with compassion and deeply considered wisdom.

Patrick Gundry-White MSAT MBBA


Most people who have a personal problem just want to get it fixed – to get it sorted so that
they can get on with their lives. To be prepared to look more deeply into what is going on –
to seek and to potentially uncover the cause of the issue and then to be prepared to
accept what is found and to release it, takes real courage and commitment.
Alison has even more than that: – she has a powerful spirit that just keeps on searching for
answers……and this book is one of the rewards that all can share.
Not only is there much fact, there is also much clarity, insight and wisdom.
The natural flow of one’s breath is profound; the inhalation and the exhalation connects all that is within us to all that is without, and we truly exist in that place where it happens.

This book can help you on your journey towards wholeness.

Barry Male

Alison has written a really clear and easy to follow book. It’s so good to see how she included the scientific background information without baffling the reader. The breakdown of all the areas that can be affected, both positively and negatively mean we can fully understand the wider impact that poor breathing has on us and also know exactly what we can do to change that.

I particularly liked that Alison included motivational quotes on each chapter and that there is a focus on changing the mindset and beliefs that can impact our lifestyle. It’s so easy to pick up the book and work through a section at a time. A reader can definitely breeze through this book to enable them to quickly breathe with ease.

Emma Langton

Hypnotherapy NLP and Coaching, www.emmalangton.co.uk

Breathe with Ease is a wholistic treasure trove not only for asthma sufferers, but for all who wish to explore the power of their breath and the amazing impact healthy life choices can have on their vitality and joie de vivre.

This step by step guide, based on more than 20 years of personal research, experience and professional practice, shows us how to breathe with ease naturally. We learn how to manage our body, our emotions and our mind by changing our counterproductive breathing and eating habits. Under Alison Waring’s guidance we gently bring greater harmony and ease into our lives, allowing everything to become possible.

Brigitte Martin Powell

Co-Director and Founder of the Avalon Institute of Rebirthing, www.rebirther.co.uk

One of the most common problems we all share is poor breathing.  Although Alison has written this book because of her personal experience of Asthma, everyone can benefit by applying the techniques and life style changes to promote better health. Taking us from the experience of struggling for breath Alison illustrates in an easy to understand way, how the body works and why it is affected in such a way. Discussing the concepts around why we are not breathing correctly such as stress, emotions, food intolerances, hydration and poor lifestyle choices she supports the reader by offering simply defined techniques to rectify the problems.  The additional support of the web site provides further resource to help put into practice the techniques described in each chapter. The body has the capacity to heal itself and this book will support any journey to better health.

Joan Murphy Health Kinesiologist, BA(Hons) MBA FCMI KFRP PGCE

Alison blends her unique combination of knowledge and experience as an Osteopath, Hypnotherapist, Buteyko Breathing tutor and Naturopathic Specialist. The result is an integrated approach, promoting health and healing of the physical, mental and emotional dimensions of dysfunctional breathing, and the myriad of symptoms that manifest as a result. She expertly walks the reader through every step of the journey and with online video classes to support, patients have the benefit of first class evidence based strategies from one of the UK’s leading experts in Naturopathic medicine. Her work represents a truly holistic approach for anyone seeking to Breathe with Ease.

Cheryl Mason MSc, BSc, BA, BSCH, MBAcC, PGCHE

Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Yoga Teacher, Acupuncture, Association of Chartered Physiotherapists Tutor, www.bodywisetherapy.co.uk

You may have had asthma or a breathing problem for a long time and believed that inhalers were the only answer. Think again. Alison Waring’s Breathe with Ease challenges this view recounting her personal experience of transforming her asthma using breathing exercises alongside holistic techniques to improve overall health. The first four parts of the book, The Body, Emotions, Nutrition and The Mind lay the foundations for the practice. The final part, The Breath, includes details of the Buteyko Breathing Exercise programme and Alison’s own innovative Dynamic Breath Release exercise. If you want to help yourself to breathe more easily then this book will help to guide you on your personal journey.

Janet Brindley

Buteyko Breathing Association Teacher Trainer, www.buteykobreathing.org

This is a wonderfully empowering and educational read for anyone wanting to make positive changes to their breathing and their life. Alison paints a truly holistic picture, full of clear and practical advice for the journey towards optimum health. Prepare to feel inspired.

Alex Johnson

Osteopath and Naturopath

Bringing together both her insight as a therapist and discoveries from her own personal journey to better health, Alison’s book reveals the physiological, emotional and lifestyle factors which may be contributing to your condition. It offers a truly holistic approach, bringing understanding of how you can make practical healthy changes in your daily life which will support your body to heal naturally, reconnecting you to breathing and living with ease. 

Debbie Pogson

EFT (Tapping) practitioner and hypnotherapist

This excellent book will be greatly beneficial to anyone interested in their own physical or emotional health, not just asthmatics.  It is comprehensive, clearly written and provides amazing insights into the interrelationship of emotion, lifestyle, health and disease.  It is filled with practical advice and techniques for the reader to regain control over their health and wellbeing.  The importance of breathing well for everyone is clear.  This is a must read for anyone with breathing complaints of any nature who will flourish if they follow the invaluable advice given within this book, and also for those wanting to understand more about the complexities of health and disease.

Tanya Hunt

Naturopath and Metaphysical Healer

When I was teaching undergraduate Osteopathic students, I used to suggest they ‘take a step back and look at the big picture’. That is what Alison has done with her book, enabling the reader to have a holistic and sensible approach to promoting good health and respiratory function. It is written without too much jargon and is easy to follow, with practical advice for making lifestyle changes that are achievable and sustainable.

It’s a useful addition for any family bookshelf, not only for those with breathing difficulties.

Sarah Boswall Wheeler

Osteopath, www.sarahwheeler.uk