Breathe with ease

Transform your health through your breath with a natural approach.


Welcome to Breathe with Ease. If you have been struggling with breathing difficulties, finding it difficult to catch your breath, experience shortness of breath, wheeziness, suffer from asthma, chronic over breathing or chronic hidden hyperventilation and would like to find the freedom to be able to breathe with ease, you are in the right place.

Breathing is such a fundamental part of everyone’s health, and sadly it is often overlooked when it comes to health care.

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Turn around your health in 8 weeks

The Breathe with Ease book and online program look holistically at five aspects of your health.

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Each chapter of the book has an online video which you can access through purchasing the book.

Part 1

In Part One of the book, we look at The Body and how to breathe effectively and how you can reduce the stress response in your system along with some simple stretches to make your breathing more effective.

Part 2

In Part One of the book, we focus on The Emotions and how your emotions affect your breathing and how your breathing can have a direct effect on your emotions. You will learn ways to use the breath to deal with strong emotions and work with your emotional body rather than against it.

Part 3

In Part Three of the book, we look at Nutrition. What you eat can have a direct effect on how well you breathe. Looking at foods that will support healthy breathing is key here and how to support yourself through healing crises without having to suppress your body’s natural attempts to heal.

Part 4

Four of the book addresses The Mind. You will learn how to induce self-hypnosis and work with mindfulness exercises to enhance the level of relaxation you can experience which helps improve the effectiveness of the breathing exercises.

Part 5

Part Five focuses on retraining The Breath. Breathing is a behaviour and unlike other behaviours it is one of the easier ones to change. You will be guided through a four week program to retrain your breathing so that you can learn how to breathe with ease without it being a conscious effort. I will also show you how to use Dynamic Breath Release to uncover and release old stored emotional tension in the body so that you can find a new freedom to rediscover health naturally and breathe with ease….

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The complete Breathe With Ease method


A lot of today’s stress-related symptoms can be deeply affected by the way we breathe.
This book shows you how to optimise your breathing so you can release the natural vitality of your body.

Online program

The Breathe with Ease online program (coming soon) will offer a practical suite of guided meditation exercises and video tutorials.

Stepping Stones

Stepping stones (coming soon) is a standalone course that will offer additional support to help you radically transform your health, using the power of imagery to take you step by step to your health goal.