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Before you begin each session, it is important to check whether your nose is clear and you can breathe easily in and out through your nose into your tummy. You can follow the nose-clearing exercises at the start of each level if it is blocked.

Once your nose is clear you can breathe into your tummy with Billy following the breathing exercise in each level. Every minute you will be asked to breathe in and out then hold your nose and pause your breathing as you pause the video. This will be repeated 5 times.

To complete Level 1, you must be able to comfortably pause your breathing at the end of the out-breath for at least 5 seconds.

You can pause for longer, but you must be able to return to slow relaxed nose breathing immediately after – no gasping or big chest breathing!

To complete Level 2 you must be able to comfortably pause for 10 seconds at the end of your out-breath and return to slow relaxed nose breathing immediately after……….just remember to breathe in when you feel your body is asking you to.

The length of time you can pause will be recorded when you press the pause button on the video. Immediately follow what Billy is doing in the second video. Remember to press play as soon as you need to breathe in. The first video will then play and give you further instructions. 

Complete both levels each day. You could do one level in the morning and one level in the evening. If you get a chance to do each level three times a day that would be even better. Your breathing should improve the more you practice.

In your first week to help you practice nose breathing you can use tape to cover your mouth for 20 minutes after school, maybe whilst watching TV or doing quiet homework. 

If you get a chance to have a walk each day with nose breathing for 20 minutes that would be excellent. You can tick the box if you have completed this.

You can write down in the comments box anything that you have found that was challenging or you found better each day or how many times you used your inhaler.

You will gain a certificate for completing both levels at the end of each week. 

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